A Perfect Fall Weekend in New York: Q&A with Declan Kearney


An interview with Maiyet Creative Director Declan Kearney.

What is your favorite park?
It would have to be Prospect Park in Brooklyn, there are so many beautiful areas to discover. I especially love the southern part by the lake. When there, you don’t even feel like you’re in the city anymore, it’s so tranquil.

Where can you find the best quick bite to-go?
Hmm… It depends on what I’m in the mood for. It’s technically not a “bite”, but I do love a smoothie from Brazilia which is near our studio. “The Grass Is Greener” is a healthy and quick pick-me-up on a particularly busy day.

What do you do in your down time?
I love relaxing with friends, great conversation over drinks or dinner.

Best day-trip spot out of town?
I Love Dia Beacon. I’ve never learned to drive, and it’s easily reached by train. It also doesn’t take long to get there. It’s a wonderful space, and I particularly love the Richard Chamberlain pieces.

Best people watching spot?
The subway… you just never know who and what you’re going to see.

Favorite place for dinner with friends?
I really like BarBossa in Nolita. It’s casual, has a great vibe, great food and amazing staff. One of my favorite low-key places in the city.

Favorite theatre?
More of a concert goer than a theatre goer. I like Fillmore East, which is also good for people watching.

Favorite place to get caffeinated?
I gave up coffee just over a month ago. Let’s see how that goes… 😉

The weekend gives you extra time to look your best. How can New Yorkers embrace their Fall wardrobe?
Versatile pieces, combined with smart layering and well chosen accessories means you can go through your day from brunch to gallery, to movie, dinner or bar. Since shopping is a big weekend activity too there’s always an opportunity to explore and add something, if in typical New York fashion something impromptu comes up last minute.

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